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The overall size of the Marleyan military stationed around Liberio exceeds 30, soldiers. They have hard skin and regenerative abilities, and can only be killed by inflicting a deep incision at the nape of the neck. Marley maintains its military dominance in the world stage by the use of five formerly seven before the failure of the Paradis Island Operation of the Nine Titans and a technologically moderate military force, which is not as developed as that of other powers around the world. Their goal is to discover more about the origins and source of the Titans, their motives, and weaknesses; ultimately how to fight and defeat them. While most of the operatives are dead during the conflict with Rod Reiss, the rest of them are restrained by the soldiers on the side of Dot Pyxis and Dhalis Zachary. Attack on Titan by Hajime Isayama. By the beginning of the series, the Reiss family and the Tybur family were the only remaining bloodlines of Eldian nobility as the other Titans were distributed to Marleyian loyalists that would be utilized as the Warriors.

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